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Who We Are

The American Presbyterian Church (APC) was first organized in 1990 and incorporated in the state of Florida as an independant non-profit ministry.  It was organized according to the presbyterian system of governance with an emphasis on the equality of all ordained members, but not directly affiliated with other presbyterian denominations. The APC tests each candidate and offers each of the approved candidates ordination, accountability, and continual fellowship and training. Our mission is to provide a ordered pastoral community for those in traditional church pastoral roles and those  in ministries other than traditional church pastorates to receive ordination and be recognized also as a pastor. We provide ordination credentials that allow and qualify our ministers to perform all the functions of church pastor clergy such as weddings, baptisms, communion, hospital visits, prison ministry, etc. In addition to church pastors we recognize and credential individuals in ministries such as: Youth Ministries, Full-time Music Ministries, Para Church Ministries, Social Outreach Ministries, Military Chaplains, Staff Pastors, Senior Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Hospital Chaplains, Prison Chaplains, Full-time Religious Teachers, etc.. The APC has ordained pastors who have been welcomed on the staffs of numerous evangelical denominations and organizations. We are a loving fellowship of those who volunteer to associate and are free to dissolve their membership at any time.


The American Presbyterian
Church (APC)
2722 Brookhaven Lane
Buford Ga. 30518
Phone: 678-488-9819
About Us:
A Presbyterian Order
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